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Dr. med. Georg Nitzsche
Specialist in skin and venereal diseases 

Dear patients,

your own health is a very personal issue. Skin diseases in particular, whether visible from the outside or not, can be a major emotional and health burden. In my consultation hour I am at your side with words and deeds and discuss individual therapy concepts and treatment options with you.  


I completed my studies in human medicine at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. There I did my doctorate with Magna cum laude.  I began my specialist training at the University Hospital in Leipzig. I was also scientifically active during this time and published in various dermatological journals.  

I then worked as an assistant doctor for skin and venereal diseases in a branch in Berlin-Schöneberg. In addition, I was a study doctor for many years, as I was involved in the most modern Biologica therapies for approval.  

During my training I focused on the detection and therapy of skin tumors as well as the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin diseases.  After completing my training in Leipzig and Berlin, the Berlin Medical Association appointed me a specialist in dermatology and venereology with the additional designation of drug tumor therapy.  

Your dr. med. Georg Nitzsche

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