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Prof. Rzany

Prof. Rzany, a proven expert in the field of botulinum toxin and filler applications, is now cooperating in our dermatology clinic. He will join us once or twice a month.


We are particularly proud that he did choose our dermatology practice as the location for his activities in Berlin, as already the aesthetic medicine (e.g.  laser medicine, removal of benign but annoying skin lesions, anti-aging treatments) is an integral part of our clinic. Most recently, Prof. Rzany was partner of a large private medical practice in West Berlin. Before that, he was senior physician at the Charité for many years. He is currently mainly active in Vienna and is a speaker at many international congresses and workshops. You can therefore rely on decades of expertise.


He guides you in our practice on all questions of aesthetic medicine and offers you the following treatments, among others:

    • Botulinum toxin A injections

    • Injections with filling materials (hyaluronic acid)

    • Corrective treatments of improper or excessive treatment of fillers with hyaluronidase


His treatments are of a purely private medical. Simply book appointments here. 

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